Video of how Twister ice creams are made leave viewers horrified

Video of how Twister ice creams are made leave viewers horrified

The classic Twister ice lolly has bizarrely struck up a conversation online after a video showing how they're made went viral.

The clip, which racked up over 3.2 million views, was reposted on X (formerly known as Twitter) where it left viewers feeling "distressed".

It shows the ice cream being pumped out of a machine in its famed yellow, turquoise and pink colours. The next step shows an industrial slicer chopping the ice cream log into smaller chunks, ready to be slotted with a wooden stick.

The Twister lollies are then transported to a freezer before being packaged up.

The two-minute video has since been reposted and liked tens of thousands of times, with the poster writing: "Sorry, but the haphazard way the sticks are being launched into the Twister ice lollies (or whatever they’re called here) is killing me."

"No that can't be right, reject reject reject," another added, while a third chimed in: "Wow them machines really couldn't be bothered... giving Monday vibes."

One offended user wrote: "That is deeply, deeply troubling."

"Imagine how lucky you'd feel when you get one with a functionally placed stick," another joked.

It comes after people were left mind-blown after discovering the real meaning of 'Twix,' the popular chocolate treat.

The revelation came in 2018 after Fooji tweeted at Twix, and asked: "I read that "Twix" is short for "twin biscuit sticks." Can you confirm or deny this?"

To which Twix said they were “close” with this theory and then revealed the name is actually short for "twin sticks."

Who knew?

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