Here's why people fantastise about having sex with their stepmothers

Shutterstock / Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley

There's a reason behind why "step mom" porn is so popular - but you might want to to hear it.

The most searched-for term on Pornhub in 2016 was “step mom”.

According to the aptly named sexpert Tina Horn, that’s because it’s a guilt-free way to play with the fantasy of incest (and the prison-free way).

Horn, host of the sex podcast Why Are People Into That?!, told Glamour magazine:

Incest, but it's technically not incest.

She's not your biological mom.

As if that matters in a fantasy.

Horn said what people like in porn isn’t necessarily reflective of what they want in real life.

And in this case, that will come as a huge relief to many women in their second marriage.

She said:

There's an element of voyeurism.

They might just want to know what's that about. 

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