Woman charges friends and family £150 each for Christmas dinner

Woman charges friends and family £150 each for Christmas dinner
Grandmother charges her family £180 for their Christmas dinner

A woman has opened up about her decision to charge friends and family a staggering £150 a head for Christmas dinner.

Carla Bellucci recently moved from her Hertfordshire home after receiving hate for her past financial moves, including splashing out £10,000 on her daughter's 18th birthday bash and admitting to getting a free nose job on the NHS during an appearance on This Morning in 2019.

Speaking about her decision and being called a Scrooge by trolls, Carla simply responded: "Get stuffed, with all the trimmings."

She explained how she's expecting nine people at her Christmas dinner this year, and that it's not cheap to put on a full spread.

"It’s not cheap feeding people and it also takes a lot of time to put together a nice meal," she said. I’ll give them a glass of Champagne, but if they want any more booze, they can bring their own.

Carla continued: "Everything I do is for profit and my family understands that. If you want quality, you have to pay for it."

The former OnlyFans model, who made £40,000 and quit because she found the site "tacky," went on to say that while a carvery would be a cheaper option, her "dinner is going to be a lot more classy than that."

"It wouldn’t be any cheaper if you went to a restaurant or hotel for a Christmas Day meal, so why should I be out of pocket?

"I’ll have the telly on in the background so they can listen to the King at 3pm and watch whatever they like," she continued.

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