Woman drives 8 hours to colleague’s wedding only to receive humiliating snub

Woman drives 8 hours to colleague’s wedding only to receive humiliating snub
Bridesmaid tells best friend she plans to skip part of wedding to …
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A woman who made an eight-hour-long journey to attend her work colleague's wedding and while she was "excited" for the occasion, things soon went downhill...

Back in her 20s is when this story took place and she recalled sharing a car with a fellow colleague and had booked an overnight bed & breakfast for the wedding set to take place in the Scottish Highlands.

"It was the first wedding, other than family, that I’d ever been to so I was excited and felt really honoured as even as a 20+yr old I got they were expensive," the OP explained to Reddit's "Wedding Shaming" forum.

"We get to the B&B early (they knew we were going to a wedding), get ourselves ready & the lady of the house very kindly drives us to the church as it’s in the Highlands and the local taxi firm only had 1 car & were fully booked."

The woman described the wedding ceremony as "lovely," which included Celtic hand-tying and a candle ceremony and afterwards the pair took pictures with the bride, socialised with other guests and hopped on the transport to the reception where the dinner would be.

The OP was less than impressed when she discovered she and a work colleague were not invited to their other colleague's wedding dinner

And as you do at a wedding dinner, you look at the seating plan to sit where you should be sat... except both the OP and her colleague's names were nowhere to be found on the chart.

"We get to the venue and like everyone else are checking the table plan for our seats……. And still checking……. But can’t find our names," she wrote.

"Master of ceremonies comes over and asks to see our invites to which he flatly states we were only invited to the church and evening drinks and that we need to leave. It was in tiny small print that our invite wasn’t for the meal."

Understandably, the two felt "absolutely mortified," and slipped away to grab food at a "local greasy spoon" and killed time for the next 5 hours, before they returned to their B&B.

"The lady [of the house] was furious and tried to feed us up bless her. We actually got told off for not calling her! She then drove us back to the evening ceremony at 7pm," the OP noted.

"By this point, everyone at the venue was sloppy drunk as they’d been drinking for 5 hrs and we find out we were THE ONLY ‘evening guests’."

She continued: "We tried to enjoy ourselves but slipped away at 10pm as the single men were VERY handsy! We got a lift from a kind local and went to a local bar where we were entertained by more locals who had heard of our fate from the B&B owner (news travels fast in small Scottish villages)."

The pair ended up having a "fun night because of the locals," when a boy "brought out his accordion and they gave us an impromptu cèilidh and showed us Scottish dancing."

Locals also told the two if they ever return "to be assured that is not how the local people treat their guests."

"Neither my colleague (who was now a friend by the end of the trip, shared trauma bonds lol) nor I had realised we weren’t included in the whole event and the bride later let it slip she only invited people from the office because our boss had told her it was the polite thing to do. We had thought we were friends with her," the OP shared.

This experience ultimately turned into a "learning point," as the OP now "scrutinise(s) wedding invites."

Though the colleagues got their own back on the bride, as they decided to downgrade the wedding present they were going to give her.

"Oh, and for petty revenge we had put £50 each in the card envelope and chipped in for a beautiful bedding set on her registry at Debenhams so our gifts were worth £100 each.

"We took the money out of the card and just gave her the bedding," the OP concluded.

Since sharing her wedding nightmare, many people have also sided with the OP and said the bride was "rude" for not inviting her work colleagues to the dinner when they had made the long journey to attend.

One person said: "It is just rude to invite a person to the morning and the evening part but NOT the eating part."

"Either you invite them to all or only evening. This grinds my gears!!"

"That sounds terrible!! Why go to such lengths to exclude you two from dinner??" another person wrote.

Someone else added: "This sounds unbelievably rude. It’s going to blow the budget to include two people?

"I find it so rude to do this! Having evening-only guests is fairly common in the UK, which seems like a way better option for everyone involved," a fourth person commented.

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