Google thinks the Scottish Highlands are in East Dulwich, London

A submission to the London subreddit has shown that a small mountain appears to have engulfed East Dulwich.

A user posted the quirk in Google's photos app in Maps, which has risen to the top of the subreddit.

This is one of the photos that currently returns if you search for East Dulwich in Google Maps:

Indeed, if you look at the overview for the area, the submission from David Prewer ranks pretty prominently, either on desktop or mobile searches:

One user commneted:

I knew Peckham had been subsumed into East Dulwich but that is ridiculous!

As user President-Nulagi found, the image was originally uploaded to Flickr and is the summit of Sgurr nan Gillean in the Scottish Highlands.

However, the photo is tagged for a location along the A226, roughly here:

So you won't need your hiking boots, as much as Google thinks you do at the moment.

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