Wedding guests slammed for wearing white dresses

Wedding guests slammed for wearing white dresses
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When it comes to weddings, there’s only one rule you really have to follow – if you’re not the bride, you cannot wear white.

However, one TikTok user has shared their experiences after not one, but two women showed up to their friend’s big day wearing white dresses.

TikToker Isabella Santos Giha criticised two guests in a short clip which appears to have been removed after racking up more than 40 million views.

However, the clip has been shared by others since then, and shows how the text overlay reveals the TikTokers frustrations.

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“Two girls wore WHITE at my friend’s wedding,” the text reads.


#stitch with @isabellasg3 #wedding #weddingbouncer

One gown appears to be an off-white colour, while another woman is filmed with her back to the camera, with the TikToker claiming that she was wearing a “legit wedding dress”.

The original clip then showed the bride in her dress, with the TikToker adding that she was “sad” because she clashed with one of the guests.


#stitch with @Isabella Santos Giha putrid behaviour #wedding #white #dress #weddingtiktok

“Please never wear WHITE at someone’s wedding. It is sad and disrespect[ful],” she wrote in the caption.

One person wrote in the comments of the original video: “Like come on they know! Everyone knows! If you’re not the bride you don’t wear white!”

Others responded by posting video responses of their own. One claiming that the TikTok could have done more to support her friend on her big day, while another shared her own experiences of enlisting her brother as security to avoid awkward encounters when she got married.

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