Woman filmed straightening her hair in busy sports bar becomes instant icon

<p>She came well-prepared for her trip to a local bar</p>

She came well-prepared for her trip to a local bar


Bad hair days are an inevitable part of life, but some people refuse to be defeated by them.

One woman decided that, rather than tie her hair up like the rest of us, she would tackle her troublesome barnet regardless of where she was.

Therefore, when she visited a popular bar in Miami, Florida, she made sure to come prepared.

She was spotted in the corner of Duffy’s Sports Grill smoothing through her locks with a heat-styling brush. (We’re amazed she managed to find a free plug to be honest.)

A video of the scene has since gone viral on Instagram, racking up more than 20,000 likes and 1,150 comments in just two days.

Viewers revelled in the clip, with some hailing the woman for “doing her thing” while others shared their hygiene concerns.

“Girl seriously, why would you have that with you all times? Understand the price of beauty but damn,” one wrote.

“STOP omg. Not even the cordless, come on,” commented another.

“I bet her hair’s in people’s plates,” said a third.

“What’s next? Shaving?” another asked.

Among those who sprung to her defence, one argued: “Self care is key no matter where you are.”

Another joked: “Her friend: there’s a waitlist Her: Ima just do my hair there.”

A third wrote: “Girl do [your] thang. I know you were rushed out of the house and didn’t have time.”

And a fourth pointed out: “That humidity got everyone feeling this way.”

Responding to people’s concerns, Duffy’s Sports Grill insisted it put a stop to her questionable activities as soon as it was alerted to the situation.

"Duffy’s adheres to the highest health-safety standards for our guests and team players,” the bar’s president told Fox News.

“When we were made aware of the guest’s beauty styling next to the bathrooms, a manager immediately asked the guest to put the styling device away, which the guests obliged.

"We understand Florida weather is tough on women’s hair, but we encourage guests [to] leave the hot iron at home and come for the hot wings!"

Miami’s humidity level hit well above 50 per cent last weekend, according to meteorologists.

Humidity makes hair frizz or curl up when hydrogen bonds are formed "between water molecules and the proteins" in your locks, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

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