Woman called 'disrespectful' for parking her car on roadside instead of driveway

Woman called 'disrespectful' for parking her car on roadside instead of driveway
Drunk woman smashes neighbours’ car with 3ft long pick-axe handle over parking ...
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A woman received a not-so-friendly welcome to her new neighbourhood after being slammed for how she parked her car.

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet to share the ordeal, asking fellow users whether she was unreasonable. She explained that she moved her car onto the roadside for the weekend to make room for visitors to use her driveway. The woman noted that she wasn't blocking any driveways or parked illegally.

Her neighbour, who she hadn't yet met, was riled by her parking. He knocked at the door with a furious rant, proclaiming that she was "disrespecting her neighbours."

She penned: "We said we haven't done anything wrong, it's legal to park on any road as long as it's not blocking a driveway. He accepted it's not illegal, but it's not acceptable anyway. Said we 'should have realised' it would upset him!"

She and her partner offered to move the car, but their neighbour continued to "have a go."

"My partner then said sorry I'll move it, I didn't mean to upset you and we'd like to keep good relations with you. The guy just kept having a go, and eventually went, 'well you have upset me, welcome to the neighbourhood' and stormed off," she added.

"I'm not being unreasonable here, right? Would you go and have a go at your neighbours for parking a car outside your house for a couple of days? I keep overthinking it, is it rude to park outside someone's house?"

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Mumsnet users jumped to the woman's defence, saying she should absolutely not re-park the car.

"Don't move the car," one said. "Whatever you do your bats**t neighbour has set the tone of his relationship with you, so you may as well stand your ground now, rather than establish that you will bend over backwards to appease him."

"He clearly needs a hobby or a job," one said, while another added: "Ignore and certainly don’t apologise!"

A fourth concluded: "He doesn't own the road and anyone is entitled to park there if they wish."

There's always that one neighbour.

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