Woman in hysterics after Airbnb host contacts her to say she's left her sex toy behind

Woman in hysterics after Airbnb host contacts her to say she's left her sex toy behind
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A woman was left mortified after receiving a text from her Airbnb host to come and collect her sex toy.

Author, Kristen Arnett from Miami took to Twitter to share the awkward exchange. She said the host sent her a photo of the device in the bed, adding, "they offered to keep it for us, for our next stay."

In the viral post that racked thousands of responses, retweets and likes, Arnett said: "We left the Airbnb and this is what the host just sent, I am literally in tears."

The text asked Arnett whether she was close by. They added: "Would you like me to put it outside on the bench? Then you can swing by.

Social media users flocked to the post with hilariously embarrassing experiences of their own.

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One explained how they had a burglary and the criminal left behind all of the woman's adult toys on the bed. "The police said I had to leave them there for crime-scene photos, my Dad laughed," she penned.

Another awkward blunder resulted in a child pointing to a raunchy device and saying, "here's your bone, mama." The Twitter user added: "I can’t stop wondering why he called it that. Hahahahah".

A third shared: "I’ve had a loudly vibrating bag at baggage claim THREE TIMES! And once had my bag inspected at Mexico customs while vibrating. You just gotta brass that sh*t out. Makes you stronger."

Others didn't find the story as funny and instead, experienced second hand embarrassment: "Some things you are supposed to take with you to the grave... This is one of them," one said.

While another person asked: "Honestly am I the only one who would have never brought a sex toy with me while traveling?"

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