A rabbi, a priest and a gay atheist smoke weed together. This is what happened


It’s not the start of a lame joke, but a hilarious YouTube video.

Rabbi Jim Morel and Priest Chris Schuler sit down with atheist Carlos Diller - who grew up a southern Baptist for part of his childhood, then Roman Catholic, before his priest denied his conformation aged 14, for having “gay sex acts in school”.

The three sat down to share some cannabis and talk about religion.

Here are some of the highlights:

10 minutes in

Priest Shuler said:

I definitely feel a little something. Just a little slower .

30 minutes in

Morel said to Diller:

Everything that you say about who you are, what your life is like, what you’d what you think, to me that speaks of a person with faith. You have a basic faith in the world universe. You might not call that God but there’s something inside of you that really is a spiritual person.

I just met you but I can love you because I see you, and the bible says ‘when I see your face I see the face of god’.

50 minutes in

Diller said:

Every religion has something coming gout of the sky. Like what’s the obsession with the sky?

55 minutes in

Morel said:

Maybe this is the beginning of a friendship

Diller replies:

I’ll be your friend, I’m everybody’s friend

60 minutes in

Morel said to Diller about smoking weed:

If it helps you become a better person, if it lifts you up, gives you a new view of life, it’s a very positive thing.

Here's the full video:

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