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6 best boozy advent calendars to pour up a good time this holiday season

6 best boozy advent calendars to pour up a good time this holiday season
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The classic advent calendar is a lovely, festive way to count down the anxious days before a winter holiday like Christmas or Hanukkah. One way to take the edge off that mounting stress and rushing around is to invest in a boozy calendar that allows for a small relaxing treat in the form of a whiskey, wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverage of your choice.

The following calendars all allow for one of these small treats, and some even offer up an educational look at the craftsmanship that went into creating your drink. All feature the classic allure of a holiday theme and plenty are interactive, so you'll get to feel like a kid again even if most of your celebration time is spent running around cleaning up after your own children.

Grab one of these fun calendars today and order soon to make sure you receive it in time to enjoy long before the visitors arrive and at the peak of the season's merriment–but as always, please do so responsibly.

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Macy's Wine Cellar Advent Calendar - 2020 Special Edition

If trying 24 types of wine sounds fun but you can't commit to that many hangovers, indulge in Macy's Wine Cellar advent calendar this year for two dozen quarter-sized bottles that let you sample such treats as Bordeaux, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, and many more types of vino for the holidays.

The festive calendar makes a great gift for the casual and serious taster alike and, when taken apart, they become amazing stocking stuffers for the adult who wants the excitement of a Santa visit with the fun of a tipsy night.

Another bonus with this calendar is that it ships for free and as long as you order by November 17th, it'll make it to your doorstep by the first day of December. These sell like hotcakes every year, so don't wait to grab one wine-d up empty handed (we had to).


The Premium Gin Advent Calendar

You might be fine with whatever's on the rail when you order a G&T at a bar, but sitting down with this sophisticated liquor to truly experience the wondrous variety of flavors it can hold is a next-level savoring experience.

Holding 24 bottles at 30mL each, The Spirit Co.'s premium gin advent calendar will let you do (or gift) just that and broaden gin-sipping horizons to places you've yet to explore. Countries across the world are represented in the diverse lineup, and some of our favorites in the bunch include the Edinburgh Gin Seaside, Hendrick's Lunar, Bathtub, and Scapegrace Black gins. 

The Spirit Co.

Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine

Any company who understands the "Wtf 2020?" attitude and markets their selection as Zoom-appropriate understands just how vital a stress relieving holiday treat will be this year. And Vinebox, a monthly subscription service that brings its customers a quarterly by-the-glass experience has succeeded in doing so with this year's 12-night advent calendar countdown.

Billing itself as stuffed with "rich whites" and "bold reds," the wines inside are selected from across Europe to convey a cozy, warm feeling to drink or give to a loved one as you settle into the high holidays. Everything from a classic Pinot Noir to a trendy fruit bomb from Spain is represented, but never in excessive amounts so you can sip at ease knowing you're indulging responsibly.


Give Them Beer - Beer Advent Calendar 2020

Wine is fine and liquor is quicker, but sometimes only a cold beer will do. knows this and thus provided an option for the down to earth drinker who craves the comfort of a malty, foamy beverage from trusted brands like Lagunitas and Rogue.

The beers selected represent the finest in the "craft" category and come canned in an interactive (read: fun) calendar experience. Deliveries start in November, so get a head start by grabbing more than one so you can drink up with a friend long before the wrapping paper starts to fly.

Give Them Beer

Collection Series' Tequila & Mezcal

Tequila and mezcal, as we spoke of with gin above, contain so many wonderful, intricate flavors that beg for multiple tasting in order to discern the true beauty of each maker and blend.

This 12 bottle collection of 30mL minis features some of the most renowned boutique label names in the tequila industry like Illegal, Herradura, and El Jimador in different variations such as blanco or reposado, a system that describes the length of time the liquors are aged. Mezcal also features prominently in the collection as a primer to the smoky profile of the special liquor, offering the drinker a chance to indulge lightly and learn a bit about the production of these beverages in the process.

The Spirit Co.

Flavior Whisky Advent Calendar

Whiskey is an art form filled with the scent and flavor of memories made with friends, loved ones, and the good times shared over a glass with both. This makes the cult classic Flaviar collection a tasteful gift for anyone who likes hoisting a tipple in honor of the season built on togetherness.

24 vials hold 1.7 ounces each of the amber drink in varying blends, strengths, and flavor profiles to dance on your tongue as you warm up to the evening. A special edition branded glass comes with each calendar along with a book of tasting notes and a coaster, helping the experience become as rich as the drink itself.

These sophisticated sets sell out quickly and you'll receive a discount for paying in full up front when you pre-order, so make the call if your drink of choice revolves around a stiff bourbon or scotch.

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