Jeremy Corbyn was drowned out in the Commons by Tory backbenchers chanting ‘Who are ya?’

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On Monday, MPs gathered in the House of Commons as David Cameron presented his case for remaining in the EU.

Following the prime minister's statement, leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn began to speak:

Last week - like him - I was in Brussels, meeting with heads of government and leaders of European socialist parties, one of whom said to me -

The footballers' heckle 'Who are ya?' rang out from the Conservative backbenches, and was met with laughter.

But the braying didn't die down. Instead it escalated until several Tory MPs were chanting 'Who are you?' over and over and over while others rocked in their seats with laughter.

Fortunately they weren't discussing anything of any significance or importance. Oh. Wait.


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