A tattooist in New Hampshire is dishing out Donald Trump tattoos for free

A tattooist in New Hampshire is dishing out Donald Trump tattoos for free

Welcome to the 2016 American election, where a megalomaniac borderline fascist is still in with a shot of becoming the most powerful individual on the planet.

What better way to commemorate this exciting political moment than with a permanent tattoo? If you're still not sold - what about if it's free?

Bob Holmes, a tattoo artist from Seabrook in New Hampshire, where candidate Donald Trump just won the Republican primary, thinks free ink is the way to win hearts and minds ahead of November's general election (not to mention get people through the door).

Holmes told local news he's never voted before, but Trump was the inspiration for his new-found civic engagement.

Everybody’s trying to be politically correct and nobody says anything because you... don’t want to be called a racist or whatever. I think that he’s saying exactly what everybody wants to say.

So far around 40 people have come in for Trump stamps, as they've been dubbed.

Most people want variations on Trump's slogan 'Make American Great Again', he said, but he's also done about half a dozen of Trump's face.

His clientele's hopes and dreams for the future are varied, to say the least.

Twenty-four-year-old Dmitri, who got Trump's face over a US flag on his lower leg, told Vice:

It's a story for me. Ten years from now, I'm going to be telling people, 'Yeah, this dude ran for president.' If he became president, that's one thing. That'd be awesome. If he became president and got assassinated, that's another story right there. Right? Like, 'Dude, dead president on my leg.' It's a win-win. And win-win-win, because it's ink on my body for free.

My mother hates it. She thinks Donald Trump is ignorant. I don't care. I don't even care who is president at all. I'm a felon—I can't even vote. It's just a story for me.

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