Ann Coulter's racist pro-Trump voting theory means even Donald Trump couldn't vote

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Ann Coulter, if you haven't heard of her, is an American conservative columnist and speaker.

She's recently thrown her weight behind Donald Trump, having written a book called In Trump We Trust and recently campaigned for him, saying a Hillary Clinton presidency would bring about the end of the United States.

Recently she told Sean Hannity on Fox News abouther vision of the United States:

What you have is Black Democrats against Asian Democrats, against Hispanic Democrats. Soon, we'll have the Muslim Democrats. It's the end of America as we conceive of it, I mean, this is for everyone who lives here.

She's since compounded her theory that the world will end with another Democratic presidency, by rallying against recent immigrants on Twitter:

People had a few counterpoints to this argument, beyond pointing out blindingly obvious parallels with Nazism:

Though this was probably our favourite:

Either way, the biggest problem with her argument was the most cited point - that Trump's own mother was born in Scotland and he would therefore be ineligible to vote by these rules.

People like CNN anchor Jake Tapper pointed out these pesky facts:

Coulter, unshackled by the constraints of logic, spread her truther wings and compared refuters to Pulitzer prize-winning publications, in a bizarre attempt to rubbish their claims.

We can only hope that those voting Trump today do so in the full knowledge that this is the side they are voting with.

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