Anti-vaxxer leaves radio host stunned after admitting that he wouldn’t even take a sick dog to a vet

Anti-vaxxer leaves radio host stunned after admitting that he wouldn’t even take a sick dog to a vet

As the Covid-19 vaccine begins to be distributed around the world a sense of relief has come over most of the population… but for anti-vaxxers there is still unsubstantiated speculation and outright refusal to take the vaccine.

One anti-vaxxer explained who claimed that, not only will he not be taking the vaccine, but he has never taken any medication in his life, attempted to explain to LBC’s Iain Dale why he has taken this stance.

Oliver from Bournemouth told Dale, “I just want to live my life as naturally as possible. I invest a lot in my health naturally, I eat really well, I exercise a couple of hours a day. I just do everything in my powers to get the best my genetics can offer. I want to continue that through my life as naturally as possible." 

Dale asked him to clarify this and while Oliver did say that he has been following the safety guidelines he claimed that taking the vaccine was against all his principles. He then went on to add that he felt that any years after raising children were ‘bonus years.’

“Just because we're so much more cognitively developed than any other species, our prime objective is still just to procreate, raise our kids as best we can and fend for themselves. As far as I'm concerned any years from then onwards are kind of bonus years. I do feel that there is this crazy obsession to live as long as possible.”

As astonished Dale asked the caller if he’d ever got to a GP if he felt ill and if he’d get treatment if he knew he had a life-threatening illness. Oliver explained that he would never get any “medication or life-prolonging treament” but did admit that this is an “very extreme view” but that it wasn’t based on religion.

Dale let out an “oh please” and called him “irresponsible” when he asked Oliver if he would take a sick dog to a vet only for him to explain that he would not, adding “I don’t think I would Iain. I’m sorry. I know it’s very extreme.”

More than 6.5 million have already been vaccinated in the United Kingdom with the government aiming to hit a target of at least 15 million people receiving the first dose by mid-February at the latest.  

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