Barack Obama gets his own Twitter account, pokes fun at Bill Clinton instantly

Despite already having his own personal account, Barack Obama has now been given an official government Twitter account.

Under the handle @POTUS (President of the United States), Obama quickly into the action, announcing his arrival with this:

After updating everyone of his visit to a police-in-the-community programme in Camden, New Jersey, he was then engaged in some hashtagging "banter" by former president Bill Clinton:

While Obama was unsure if Clinton's wife Hillary might be able to take over the account if she wins the 2016 election, he wondered if Bill might be interested in taking over the First Lady's account:

As an aside, some eagle-eyed Twitter users noted that Obama had sent his first tweets from an iPhone - despite saying previously that he was only allowed to use a super-secure BlackBerry.

But before the whole thing descended into a national security scandal, the Washington Post and BuzzFeed discovered that the phone used was owned by the president's executive office rather than by Obama himself.

There also seemed to be significant confusion over why the president's name is POTUS:

And finally, Meninists have apparently already been blocked by the president.

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