The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has told the European Parliament that Brexit will be a "sad, tragic" moment for the EU, but that the 27 remaining countries will "move on" while the UK will "soon regret" the decision to leave.

Juncker told the parliament in his state of the union speech:

Brexit is not the future of Europe. It is not the be all and end all.

We will always regret this. I think you will regret it as well soon, if I might say.

Amid ongoing coverage of financial sector jobs leaving London for Paris, as companies move their European headquarters to avoid the depreciating pound, Conservative commentator Tim Montgomerie followed Andrea Leadsom's lead in criticising "unpatriotic" coverage.

Many, many people in his replies saw fit to point out that accurately reporting news that Brexit is harming the UK's economy, is not unpatriotic of a public broadcaster.

Montgomerie has defended his opinion by saying there is an imbalance of coverage:

However, some issues don't have two sides worth debating with equal weight. Sometimes there is an overwhelming body of evidence that one side is correct, and one is incorrect.

Where you fall on this probably depends on how much optimism you hold for Brexit, led by a government that cannot seem to negotiate anything with Brussels. In fact the news comes amid reports that the treasury is preparing for a "no deal" outcome to Brussels negotiations.

But on the plus side, the pound is at a year high against the dollar!

Because the dollar is slumping and we've still not recovered our currency back to where it was before the Brexit vote.

Oh. We should probably stop talking down Brexit now.

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