Bono Says He's "Embarrassed" By Most Of U2's Songs

Remember back in 2014 when you opened your phone one September morning and suddenly U2's Songs of Innocence album was on there? Well, good news, apparently Bono doesn't like those songs either. Or the band name. Or his voice.

The 61-year-old lead singer of the Irish rock band, U2 revealed alongside his bandmate, The Edge, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter's "Awards Chatter" podcast that he's embarrassed by some of his band's songs.

"I've been in a car when one of our songs come on the radio and I've been the color of, as we say in Dublin, scarlet," Bono said. "I'm just embarrassed."

Like most people, it seems Bono looks back on his younger years and questions why he made certain decisions.

Bono continued to self-deprecate U2's old music saying: "The one [song] that I can listen to the most is Miss Sarajevo with Luciano Pavarotti. Genuine, most of the other ones make me cringe a little bit."

He said the reason he cannot listen to older songs is his voice, which he described as "strained". He admitted he did not consider himself a singer up until the last few years.

During the interview, Bono also revealed he was never a fan of the band's name "U2" and the band merely accepted the name because it was the name they disliked the least out of the options.

"I still don't like the name," he said. "In our head, it was the spy plane it was the U-boat it was futuristic. But as it turned out to imply this kind of acquiescence."

Bono and The Edge also revealed it was the name their first manager said would look best on a t-shirt.

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