Viral thread explains why Brits in Luxembourg are so angry with Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s trip to Luxembourg didn’t go so well, did it?

Out of fear of heckling, the prime minister cancelled a planned press conference after being booed and heckled with chants of “bog off Boris and “stop Brexit”.


Naturally, given the adversarial vibe of UK politics right now, Brexiteers wasted no time laying into Luxembourg and blaming the whole issues on them.

People have blamed Luxembourg’s government, but also the protestors who gathered to express their anger towards Johnson. Some Brexiteers even think that Luxembourg, a nation with a population smaller than Glasgow, has "humiliated" the UK.

But a thread by Laura Shields has explained exactly why the protestors in Luxembourg were so upset with Boris Johnson and the UK's approach to Brexit.

The viral thread explains with brutal honesty the reality of how Brexit is going to affect people’s lives.

It just goes to show that, despite what we may think, Brexit isn't all about the UK.

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