Max Guliani/Twitter/Screengrab

With coronavirus still posing a very serious threat and temperatures now plummeting, restaurants are using unique methods to keep customers safe and warm.

Restaurants in New York City have reportedly started to use the unusual site of giant bubbles, which customers can sit inside and have their food and drink brought to them outside, all the while having a germ barrier between them and others.

A video filmed by photographer Max Guilani shows one particular restaurant in Manhattan's West Village, with numerous bubbles stretching down a particular street.

The video has been viewed more than six million times on Twitter, and sparked a passionate debate about homelessness and why dining bubbles should be allowed while tents in public places are not. People also asked whether the bubbles should be made available to homeless people at night.

People were also quite confused about how exactly the bubbles were a safer option.

The New York Post reports that one restaurant on the Upper West, Cafe du Soleil, has adopted a similar method which allows diners to eat outside. This was reportedly is the only option for outdoor dining in the city until 30 September.

Customers have since been allowed to return indoors but only at a 25 per cent capacity.

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