Chaka Khan says she's still mad about Kanye West sampling her because she sounds 'like a chipmunk'

Chaka Khan says she's still mad about Kanye West sampling her because she sounds 'like a chipmunk'
Chaka Khan complains she sounds 'like a chipmunk' on Kanye West's Through ...

American musical legend Chaka Khan is still not pleased about Kanye West sampling her 1984 classic song, "Through The Fire," for his 2004 debut single "Through The Wire."

In a recent interview with Good Day DC, Khan said that despite permitting the rapper and producer to sample her song, she didn't expect to sound like a "chipmunk" once she heard his finished song.

"That's what he [Kanye] did with his music," said the 10-time Grammy award winner.

"I was upset about sounding like a chipmunk because he didn't put that when he asked could he use [sample] my song," she said before adding that he didn't explain that he was going to speed it up "times its normal speed."

Khan added: "Had he, I would've had something to say, but since I didn't think of that, believe me, I think of it now."

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West is known for speeding up the samples of music he uses.

One of the most notable instances is his 2007 hit single, "Good Life," where he sampled Michael Jackson's hit 1982 song "P.Y.T" (Pretty Young Thing).

This isn't the singer's first time expressing her disapproval of the now legendary hip-hop track.

In a 2020 interview with Vlad TV, Khan said that West, who was friends with her son, had reached out to her and asked to use "Through The Fire" after continuously listening to it while recovering from injuries sustained during his near-dire car crash.

"He said that [West] had listened to 'Through The Fire' a great deal in his recovery and that warmed me - my heart," she said.

Carefully considering, she agreed, noting that West "can't mess it up because I will be singing it."

"But he found a way, by golly, he found a way to frick that up," she said with a laugh.

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