Chrissy Teigen decided to protest Casey Affleck’s Oscar in a perfect way

Twitter/ABC screengrab

Casey Affleck won the Best Actor Oscar on Sunday.

Now, first up, we have to say his performance in Manchester By The Sea totally deserves the award. He is incredible in the film, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to.

Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck star as a couple torn apart by tragedy in Lonergan's 'Manchester By The Sea'Picture: Amazon Studios


There has been plenty of controversy over Affleck’s nomination and subsequent win, as the actor faced two sexual harassment allegations in 2010.

Producer Amanda White and cinematographer Magdalena Gorka both sued the actor over alleged offences during the filming of I'm Still Here.

Affleck repeatedly and vehemently denied the allegations and settled both claims out of court in 2010.

Understandably, this has led a lot of criticism of Affleck being given recognition by The Academy.

Comedian Constance Wu spoke out about it on Twitter, and Brie Larson even appeared not to clap Affleck when she presented him with the award.

But it was Chrissy Teigen who had a surprisingly subtle response.

Teigen is not a women known for holding back, so check out what she was doing during Affleck’s acceptance speech:

Yup, she’s pretending to sleep.


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