Conor McGregor leaves court after facing additional driving offences

Conor McGregor's mother raised eyebrows this Halloween after being accused of "blackfishing" in a string of fancy dress photos.

Shared by McGregor's sister, Erin, their mother Margaret could be seen in dark face paint and a red dress.

Many social media users slammed the outfit as portraying blackface, the practice of wearing make-up to imitate the appearance of a Black person. The dress featured patches of animal print with three skulls draped around her neck.

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In one of the snaps, Erin said: "Mad Magzer loving the Halloween vibe".

The posts were soon brought to the attention of Twitter, with social commentator Michael Morgan writing: "Loved Conor McGregor’s outfit for Halloween. His mum going full on ‘blackface’ however, I like that less. A. Lot. Less…"

Some believed it to be a "reach", with one writing: "Are you implying she is racist because she wore face paint on Halloween?"

Another added: "Isn’t she some kind of cave woman? Reach much?"

However, given the history of blackface, people were quick to hit back.

"Just cos ur not educated on a topic doesn’t give u the right to try and tell the people who are affected by this that it’s okay and not disrespectful," one said.

A second penned: "To the people defending it, it’s pretty well known across planet earth that white people cosplaying in blackface is considered offensive. Whether YOU find it offensive or not, something like this is generally viewed as poor taste and/or racist. It’s nothing new."

A spokesperson for McGregor said: "The McGregor family loves Halloween. Mrs McGregor had spiders painted on her face since her costume was a ghoul risen from the grave.

"Any other interpretation was just wrong and truly unfortunate."

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