Doctors and nurses across the world are sharing this emotional message about battling coronavirus

Coronavirus is already one of the biggest challenges the world has encountered for a long time.

As a way to counteract the spread of the virus (and “flatten the curve” to reduce pressure on emergency services) people across the world are self-isolating. Others who have symptoms are quarantining themselves.

Frustratingly, not everyone is managing to stay inside. This week we’ve seen images of packed Florida beaches, stories of London pubs full of customers and even fitness fanatics who can’t face not going to the gym.

But it’s important to remember that the option of self-isolating isn’t open to everyone. Across the world, from hospitals to supermarkets, essential workers are making great sacrifices so we can stay safe and eventually overcome the outbreak.

A message conveying this very sentiment went viral this week.

Dr Ahmed Rabia was photographed holding up a piece of paper that read:

I stayed at work for you.

You stay at home for us.

And he isn't the only one.

Across the world, healthcare workers have been holding paper up with this simple but important message.

Just look...

It’s easy to complain about self-isolation, but it’s important to remember not everyone has the option.

So please, if you can, stay home.

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