Going to the gym is good for the mind, body and soul.

Except, possibly in the middle of a pandemic.

Then the sweaty walls of the weights room become horribly like a giant petri dish. It’s practically a breeding ground for disease.

And although gyms across the country say they’re stepping up hygiene precautions and limiting the number of members there at any one time, they’re still open.

So people are still going.

Which is why one Channel 4 report has shocked the internet, after revealing the very blase attitude Wolverhamptom gym goers had to the threat of coronavirus.

“What would keep you away from the gym right now?” asks journalist Symeon Brown, to one fitness enthusiast.

“I don’t think there’s anything,” she laughs in response.

Others shrug off his questions about Covid-19, with one man saying that the gym is a place of health and fitness, so he assumes that everyone has taken precautions.

Problem is, coronavirus can often be asymptomatic and a new study has found it may still be contagious when its symptoms are mild.

And with widespread testing not yet available in the UK, no one knows exactly how many people could be carriers.

So the internet certainly had a few things to say about those who put their pump ahead of the pandemic.

Some reminded people that it wasn’t the young and outwardly virile who would feel the worst impact of the virus.

Others had some pretty strong words about the selfishness exposed by the crisis.

But many have pointed out that the lack of official messaging and clear direction means of course people will be confused.

And there were some familiar phrases mentioned that people recalled coming from a certain Prime Minister’s mouth…

But with pubs, clubs and bars still technically open, people are calling on the government to do more to help slow the rapid spread of the disease.

Maybe gyms need to go too.

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