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Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, and outspoken Donald Trump supporter, has taken it upon himself to release some conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas shooter.

In a 25 minute rambling Periscope posted on Monday, Adams shared his 'take' on the shooter.

In the video Adams discusses the as yet unproven theory that the shooter Stephen Paddock was an 'anti-Trumper'.

[He is] probably more associated with the left, that would give you, maybe it’s Antifa, maybe it’s ISIS, maybe … just anti-Trump

Paddock has three brothers, and Adams for some reason thought the reaction of Eric Paddock in an interview on CNN was 'fascinating'.

Adams shared a video by YouTube account 'Bombard's Body Language,' which claimed that based on Eric Paddock's body language, he did not like the brother.

When other Twitter users mocked Adams' theory that Paddock was connected to Antifa, he asked if they did not believe in profiling through body language.

Adams' theory has not been substantiated or endorsed by law enforcement, and Adams himself says this is 'just speculation...I'm making this prediction just to see how accurate it is'.

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