Trump biographer says ex-president is like ‘Fat Elvis’ and begging people to like him

Donald Trump habla con la prensa al salir de la Casa Blanca en Washington, DC, el 21 de mayo de 2020
Donald Trump habla con la prensa al salir de la Casa Blanca en Washington, DC, el 21 de mayo de 2020
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Donald’s Trump’s biographer has compared the ex-president to Elvis Pressley on his career decline and mocked the way the former Apprentice star is now begging people to like him.

It comes after he swung by a wedding at his Mar-a-Lago country club to deliver a rally speech that attacked the Democrats and President Joe Biden.

Clearly not the most romantic thing to see on someone’s wedding day, but the crowd of Trump fans seemed to love it.

Author Michael D’Antonio mocked the latest stunt in an interview with CNN’s Jim Acosta, calling Trump a “wedding crasher” who used the event to “air his grievances.”

He said Trump is “very needy” for seemingly begging people to like him for who he is.

“In the wedding crasher bit, he asked, ‘do you miss me yet’? And it was really begging for people to applaud and say, yeah, we miss you,” said D’Antonio.

D’Antonio pointed out that many former presidents try to build a triumphant legacy through acts of service, which the former president hadn’t adopted as much in his administration.

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“Jimmy Carter built houses. George W Bush has his library down in Texas. Barack Obama is doing that right now in Chicago. He’s been working on so many different causes.”

However, one of the funniest moments in the interview was D’Antonio saying that Trump’s current shenanigans at the wedding are “almost sad to look at” and come off as his “Fat Elvis period.”

He also joked that he was waiting to see if Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin would guest appearances.

“You know, the president —President Trump used to think of him—himself as an Elvis type of character. And sadly, we are in that era for him.”

All in all, you shouldn’t have to ask or convince people to miss you because it seems disingenuous, but hey, whatever makes you happy.

Check out the hilariously informative interview with Micahel D’Antonio and Jim Acosta below.

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