Greta Thunberg pulls off ultimate April Fools’ prank with another classic piece of trolling

Climate change activist and all-around legend Greta Thunberg pulled off another perfect piece of trolling on Thursday, with a classic April Fools’ joke.

The Swedish teenage activist told her many followers on Twitter that she had created a video on YouTube where she would detail some of the small things we could all do to stop the climate crisis.

“We are in this together, and everyone is needed. YOU get to decide what future you’ll live in. So please watch, share and start doing your part today,” she added complete with a generic stock image of climate.

Obviously aware of some of the comments that she usually receives from adults who are claiming to know better than her, Thunberg really managed to fool everyone as the link actually sent you to Rick Astley’s classic ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ music video.

That’s right, Greta Thunberg ‘Rickrolled’ the entire internet.

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Inevitably there were a few people who didn’t bother to click on the link and decided to chime off at Thunberg.

However, there were many who clicked on the link and loved her joke and decided to share some other 80s pop bangers for us to all enjoy again.

There really were many layers to her joke.

The ‘Rickrolling’ meme has been around since 2007 having been popularised on internet forums. 14 years later and it's still doing business. Some things you just love to see but also...don’t forget about climate change.

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