The one rule of the solar eclipse was to not look directly at it.

This is because you could permanently damage your eyes by burning your retinas.

There are living examples of people who have done this, like Louis Tomososk, now-70, who burned his retinas looking at the solar eclipse in 1963, age 16. He's had a hole in his retina and a blind spot ever since.

David J. Calkins, vice chair and director for research at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute, told the New York Times:

We don’t have pain receptors in the retina, so you won’t even know the damage is occurring.

It can range from blurry vision to absolute permanent vision loss.

United States President Donald Trump, you'd hope, would lead by example in not sneaking a peek.


He reportedly sneaked six glances at it without glasses over the course of the viewing, disregarding all scientific advice, and the shouts of his onlooking aides.

It quickly became a meme:

These guys even predicted it:

Tucker Carlson called it "the most impressive thing any President has ever done":

Honestly, this is all so tediously predictable.

Parody is as seared to oblivion as Trump's retinas.

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