Nothing makes a US president feel more alive and engaged than the act of making life better for millions of Americans.

Unless you’re Donald Trump, who appears to be most happy sitting at the wheel of a big truck.

Mr Trump was meeting with truck drivers and trucking CEOs at the White House on Thursday to discuss health care.

This culminated in the President heading outside to check out an 18-wheeler.

Picture:Picture: Getty / Alex Wong

He wasted no time climbing in:

Picture:Picture: Getty / Alex Wong

He apparently honked the horn twice... And looked pretty pleased with it.

Picture:Picture: Getty / Alex Wong

He also made this face, which we post below with no comment.

Picture:Picture: Getty / Alex Wong

With Trumpcare falling at every hurdle in the House at the same time as Mr Trump's big trucking adventure, the good people of Twitter decided to relentlessly mock their President:

The tweets just kept coming:

Russian President Vladimir Putin made an appearance too:

What a world we live in.

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