Bakery owner claps back at ‘petty’ woman who said doughnut shop ‘wasn’t right for the area'


Doughnuts and coffee are the two main things that Evie Jackson sells at DOE bakery

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A bakery has shared the downside of running a business on social media - rude emails from people offering unsolicited reviews.

Evie Jackson, owner of Doe Bakehouse posted a snapshot of a “petty” email from a local resident known only as Angie on their Instagram.

In the odd post, Angie says while that she’s never been in the bakery but went into detail about how she was “put off already” and declared it “not exactly what you would expect in the York area.”

Evie owns two bakeries in the county, the one in York and the other in Harrogate.

Luckily, judging by the caption, “On a scale of 1-10 are you as angry as Angie or are you feeling Friday fresh?” Evie could at least laugh about it, but said the email made her feel awful.

She said that she believes it was from a “perpetually offended” local rather a potential customer, but said “it was gut-wrenching, despite how ridiculous it was.

“She obviously wasn’t a customer. In her email, she was asking how we have five stars even though we’re not open. If she had been a customer, she would have known that we’ve been open since last summer.

“But it hits you straight away when you get a message like that.

“Obviously, the good thing about feedback is that you can improve from it, but ultimately this email was not something we could learn from. I don’t even don’t really understand what she was complaining about.”

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