Elon Musk explains what he’d do if he discovered aliens

Elon Musk explains what he’d do if he discovered aliens
Elon Musk explains what he’d do if he discovered aliens

Elon Musk knows a thing or two about space, and he’s confident that, so far, we’ve found no evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Still, he harbours the hope (and expectation) that humans will find aliens one day. And when we do, he’ll be the first to inform the public.

The SpaceX founder was asked for his thoughts on UFOs and their inhabitants in the second part of an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson which aired on Tuesday night.

He told the Fox News host that he didn’t think the US government was hiding the existence of other life forms from the public, despite the endless stream of conspiracy theories surrounding the topic.

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Musk argued that if officials did have proof of little green people, they’d use it to their advantage.

He pointed out that the military was constantly trying to increase its spending budget and that ETs would offer the perfect justification for a blank check.

Vaguely citing comments made by “a general in the 1960s”, he said: “We’re constantly trying to get the defence budget to expand. And look, you know what would really get no arguments for anyone? If we pulled out an alien and said we need money to protect ourselves from these guys.

“‘’How much money do you want? You got it, they look dangerous’,” he laughed.

The world’s on-off richest man insisted that there’s “no evidence of conscious life anywhere in the universe” besides Earth, boasting that, if there was, he’d know about it.

“A lot of people ask me, you know, where are the aliens? And I think if anyone would know about aliens on Earth it would probably be me,” he said.

“Yeah, I’m, you know, very familiar with space stuff. And I’ve seen no evidence of aliens,” he continued, adding that if he had, he would “immediately tweet it out”.

“That’d be probably the top tweet of all time,” he said. “‘We found one, guys!’ Jackpot! [That would get] some 8 billion likes.”

Elon Musk tells Tucker this trajectory is ‘depressing as hell’www.youtube.com

The Twitter CEO went on to explain why he thought humans, not powerful otherworldly beings, would be the architects of our destruction.

The father-of-10 repeated his well-documented concerns that declining birth rates pose the biggest threat to humankind’s existence.

“There’s sort of a life cycle arc to civilizations, just as there is to individual humans [...] and I think we just want to make sure that we have civilization go onward and upward,” he said.

“That’s why I'm concerned about decreasing birth rates and the fact that, for example, Japan had twice as many deaths last year as births.”

He continued: “I’m sort of worried that, ‘Hey, civilization, if we don’t make enough people to at least sustain our numbers, perhaps increase a little bit, then civilization is going to crumble.

“The old question of like, will civilization end with a bang or a whimper. Well, it’s currently trying to end with a whimper in adult diapers, which is depressing as hell.”

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