Everything you need to know about Brian Harvey outside Downing Street

What is going on?

Former East 17 band member Brian Harvey made a surprise appearance outside Downing Street earlier today, apparently demanding to see the prime minister.

He also claimed "you'll all be dancing to my number one single at Christmas", according to an eyewitness.


The singer was spotted, ringbinder in hand, remonstrating with police officers and claiming that the government had stolen money from him.

A witness tweeted that Mr Harvey had explained his ringbinder "was evidence" of how much money he was owed.

What's the official line?

At approximately 13:50, police were made aware of a minor disturbance outside the gates of Downing Street.

Officers spoke to a male, there were no arrests.

  • Met Police statement

What was the response

The news of Harvey's campaign caught the imagination of many on Twitter.

Some made puns on E17 lyrics...

But it's worth remembering...

In 2005, the singer was in a bizarre but very serious car accident after running himself over. He explained he fell out of the car while attempting to throw up after eating too many jacket potatoes.

In 2012, he posted a 40-minute video on YouTube which branded the UK as a "police state" after a dispute with Southern Electric over a bill.

However, in the video also he also spoke of suffering from depression on and off since leaving E17 in 1997 and explained that he had been in a vulnerable mental state for a number of years.

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