This female biologist has the perfect response to every sexist email she receives

Picture: Keilana/Creative Commons

Trolls will be trolls, but Emily Temple-Wood has turned internet creeps into inspiration for her work.

The biologist has vowed that for every email full of harassment, sexism and misogyny she receives, she will write a new Wikipedia article on a female scientist.

Wikimedia reports on its blog:

Temple-Wood has been targeted by a significant amount of harassment based on her gender. Throwaway email addresses frequently send her requests for dates, condescendingly discuss her body, insinuate that she got to where she is through sexual favours, ask her to reserve those favours for themselves, and when she doesn’t reply, they spew profanities.

Temple-Wood founded WikiProject Women Scientists back in 2012 in an effort to address systemic bias that focused on men in science but not women.

Four years on, she and her team have written over 2,500 entries on female scientists, cutting across race and time to provide a much needed intersectional and inclusive perspective.

There's the female Chinese-American experimental physicist Chien-Shiung Wu:

The Japanese chemist Chika Kuroda

Temple-Wood estimates that there are many more female scientists that must be discovered:

We had like fourteen or fifteen hundred articles on women scientists. Out of what we estimated was three thousand and what we now estimate as more like four or five thousand that needed to be created.

Fellow Wikipedia editor Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight told Wikimedia:

Someday we’ll be writing a biography about her and her scientific discoveries, mark my word. I wonder what her harassers and detractors will think about that, especially if Emily’s scientific discoveries help heal their mom or sister.

Well that's one way to take on internet bullies and win.

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