More than $20,000 raised for woman who had her hair removed after mistaking glue for hairspray

More than $20,000 raised for woman who had her hair removed after mistaking glue for hairspray
Tessica Brown/TikTok

You may recall the story from a few weeks ago about the American woman who accidentally used Gorilla Glue, a super-strong adhesive on her hair by mistake causing her a huge amount of stress and trauma.

Tessica Brown from Louisiana went viral earlier this month after she shared a video on TikTok explaining that she used the glue after mistaking if for an actual hairspray product with the same name. At the time of the video, an emotional Brown explained that her hair had been glued still for a month now and even washing her hair 15 times hadn’t come close to solving the problem.

The 40-year-old’s moving video went viral and on Thursday finally had the glue removed from her head during surgery in Beverly Hills. The procedure was carried out by Dr Michael Obeng, the director of MiKO Plastic Surgery who had reached out to Brown after seeing her video and offered to treat her hair for free. New York Post reports that this surgery would usually cost at least $12,000.

“The surgery went well, Tessica is doing well. She’s awake. The hair crew is doing her hair,” Obeng told CBS Los Angeles.

Video has since emerged following her surgery where an emotional Brown can be seen running her hands through her now glueless hair.

Prior to the surgery, Brown had started a GoFundMe campaign on Monday in the hope of raising $1,500 to help fund the expenses that she might incur as a result of the surgery, not knowing that she would later be offered it for free.

At the time of writing the fundraiser has already racked up more than $22,000 in donations. Although there have been no details on what she plans to do with the money now NY Post has reported that Brown and her attorney are considering legal action against Gorilla Glue. UniLad adds that she intends to use the money to buy the “wigs that everybody is telling me I’m going to need.”

In an interview with Big Boy TV on YouTube, Brown admitted that the ordeal created a massive toll on her mental health and that she had lost around 15lb in weight due to the stress that had been caused.

Update: TMZ has reported that Brown is now planning on giving the money to charity. She will give $21,000-plus to the Restore Foundation, who help provide people around the world with reconstructive surgery. Brown will keep $1000 to pay for the medical and travel expenses that she has racked up during the last few weeks.

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