Here's how much the US presidential candidates are worth

Here's how much the US presidential candidates are worth

Much like the so-called 'liberal metropolitan elite' who are accused of running things in Westminster, Capitol Hill is suffering from its own image problem.

So while Donald Trump is happy to boast about his wealth ("I'm not using the lobbyists, I'm not using the donors"), the other candidates for US president have spent most of their time downplaying theirs.

In fact, according to Luciana Lopez of Reuters, "the 2016 hopefuls are working harder than ever to convince voters they are just like them".

But here's how much the candidates who have officially declared are estimated to be worth:


Lincoln Chafee: $32m - $60m

Hillary Clinton: $5m - $50m

Martin O'Malley: Unknown

Bernie Sanders: $330k


Jeb Bush: $1.3m

Ben Carson: $8.9m - $27m

Ted Cruz: $1.3m - $3m

Carly Fiorina: $59m - $80m

Lindsey Graham: $880k - $1.5m

Mike Huckabee: $700k

George Pataki: $929k

Rand Paul: $625k

Rick Perry: $1.3m

Marco Rubio: $443k

Rick Santorum: $1.4m

Donald Trump: $4.1bn - $8.7bn

According to the 2014 Global Wealth Report, the average net worth of a US citizen is $348,000 - although that doesn't take into account huge disparities in wealth in the country. The US is home to more ultra-high net worth ($50m-$100m) individuals than any other nation (see page 27).

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