Here's what Jeremy Paxman has to say about Newsnight now

Having left Newsnight last summer, Jeremy Paxman points out he’s not been a viewer of the BBC 2 programme since. “I don’t see Newsnight, I’m afraid,” he tells the Radio Times. “My idea of fun is to go to bed at 10.30pm and read a book.”

The broadcaster recently returned to the fray when he subjected David Cameron and Ed Miliband to a trademark bashing during the opening politicians’ TV debate.

Paxman’s performance met with criticism from former BBC colleague Andrew Marr, who went on to suggest that the veteran interrogator had let his ego get in the way of proceedings.

Asked to respond to Marr’s observation that he’s a “genuinely tortured, angry individual”, Paxo now says of the comments: “Yeah, I did read them… you are not the first person to try to get me to be rude about him [Marr], and I’m not going to, I’m afraid.”

But does Marr have a point? “That’s for others to judge,” he laughs.

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