This 16-year-old Hunger Games actress understands cultural appropriation better than you do

This is 16-year-old Amandla Stenberg, who you may recognise as the actress who played Rue in The Hunger Games.

A video on cultural appropriation she filmed for her history class with classmate Quinn Masterson has gone viral, months after she posted it on her Tumblr page under the title Don't Cash Crop My Cornrows: A Crash Discourse on Black Culture.

Appropriation occurs when the appropriator is not aware of the deep significance of the culture they are partaking in.

In the video she criticises white pop stars such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, and singles out Miley Cyrus who "twerks and uses black women as props".

Amandla goes on to talk about Azealia Banks criticising fellow rappers Macklemore and Iggy Azalea, who are both white, for not speaking out in support of the protests against the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

The video, which is worth watching in full, concludes with the line:

What would America be like if it loved black people as much as it loves black culture?

Watch the video here:

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