Let’s face it, Jeff Bezos is a pretty unstoppable force.

The Amazon founder, 59, is not only the richest man in the world, he’s also one of the first civilians ever to make it up into space.

Given all this, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he could one day secure world domination (I mean, his online delivery business already has).

But what, or who, would it take to defeat him if he were to transform into a real-life supervillain?

One Reddit user posed that very question, and the responses were suitably absurd – and hilarious.

Their post, asking: “If Jeff Bezos [became] an actual supervillain then who would be the superhero to stop him?” racked up more than 20,600 upvotes and 6,400 comments on the platform in just three days.

Here are our pick of the best:

1. “His ex-wife”

As Redditors pointed out, MacKenzie Scott has not only proven she’s a force for good by donating billions of dollars to charity, but she also “already has such a great superhero name”.

MacKenzie Scott RemarriesMacKenzie Scott and Bezos divorced in 20192018 Invision

2. “An opposite clone called Beff Jezos”

Because who doesn’t love an evil twin? Or in this case perhaps, a good twin.

3. “An Amazon employee”

One commentator suggested this as a “truly poetic option”. They explained: “The thing that built him his wealth is the one that ended him.”

4. “Austin Powers”

As many pointed out, the likenesses between the Blue Origin boss and the fictitious character’s enemy Dr Evil are striking. On a superficial level, yes, both are bald, but more significantly Evil flew a rocket shaped like a penis. Anyone who saw Bezos’s New Shepard spacecraft will understand why this is relevant.

No, this isn’t Dr Evil’sAP

5. “Bernie Sanders with a chair and mittens”

The self-described democratic socialist has been vocal in his criticism of the multi-billionaire, even visiting Amazon workers as they pushed to form a union. We’re sure the 79-year-old wouldn’t mind taking Bezos down a peg or two, and we’d love to see him do it in those now-iconic mittens.

The shot that became the world’s favourite memeAFP via Getty Images

6. “Tom from Myspace”

Tom Anderson co-funded the once wildly successful social networking site in 2003. He sold the site in 2006 for $580 million (around £421 million) and now seems to spend a lot of time exploring the world and sharing his beautiful snaps on Instagram. He also happens to be an investor in the rival company to Bezos’s Blue Origin: Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

7. “Dolly Parton”

Who wouldn’t want to see the Queen of Country save the world? By helping to fund Moderna’s Covid vaccine research, she’s already done her fair share.

The Reddit debate came as Bezos hits headlines once more for pushing NASA to award him a key space contract.

On Monday, the businessman offered to cover up to $2billion (£1.4 billion) in the space agency’s costs if it were to reconsider letting his company build a Moon landing vehicle for astronauts.

NASA awarded the  $2.9billion (£2.1billion) contract to rival Elon Musk back in April, rejecting the bid from Bue Origin.

The contract means Musk’s SpaceX has been tasked with creating a spacecraft to bring astronauts to the lunar surface as early as 2024.

Nasa had originally planned to offer contracts to two companies but, in the end, could only choose one because of a funding shortfall.

The space agency had received only $850million (around £617million) of the $3.3billion (£2.4billion) it requested from the US Congress to build the Moon lander.

But in a letter to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, Bezos said Blue Origin would plug NASA’s budget gaps to “get the programme back on track”.

In exchange, Blue Origin would accept a firm, fixed-priced contract, and cover any cost overruns, Bezos said.

In his pitch, Bezos pointed out: "NASA veered from its original dual-source acquisition strategy due to perceived near-term budgetary issues, and this offer removes that obstacle.

"Without competition, NASA’s short-term and long-term lunar ambitions will be delayed, will ultimately cost more, and won’t serve the national interest," he added.

A spokesperson for the agency said they were aware of Bezos’ letter but declined to comment further.

Before choosing SpaceX, NASA had asked for proposals for a spacecraft that would carry astronauts to the lunar surface under its Artemis program to return humans to the moon for the first time since 1972. Blue Origin’s lunar lander is called "Blue Moon”.

Bezos’ offer came six days after he flew alongside three crewmates to the edge of space aboard Blue Origin’s rocket-and-capsule New Shepard – a milestone for the company’s bid to become a major player in an emerging space tourism market.

After touching back down on earth following the successful mission, the 59-year-old described it as the “best day ever”.

We wonder if he’ll revise that claim if he secures his longed-for Moon contract. If not, maybe it proves that total world domination isn’t in his reach after all...

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