Joe Biden was inaugurated into office as the 46th president of the United States last week, but it was arguably Bernie Sanders who stole the show.

Attending the inauguration ceremony in a more casual look, keen-eyed viewers noticed the Vermont senator was wearing the same coat as he wore on the campaign trail which bore the “I am once again asking” memes.

During the event, an image of Sanders sitting cross-legged on a fold up chair, bundled up in a coat and mittens was broadcast to the world. And, in true internet fashion, the image immediately became a meme.

People have got creative and Photoshopped the hilarious image of Sanders into a whole host of different scenes.

In one meme, he has been photoshopped as the fly that infamously landed on Mike Pence’s head during the vice presidential debate.

Someone has even crocheted him – tiny pair of mittens included!

As the internet has had a field day with it, Sanders himself has finally commented on becoming a meme in an interview with CNN.

In the interview, he revealed he is now selling merchandise with the image printed on the front, with all profits raised going towards a project feeding vulnerable people.

He said, “it turns out actually to be a good thing and not only a fun thing.”

The internet remains undefeated, yet again.

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