Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston shocked by height of reporter in hilarious clip

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston  shocked by height of reporter in hilarious clip
Adam Sandler calls Jennifer Aniston out on her dating choices

Name a better acting duo than Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. We'll wait...

In resurfaced footage that has gone viral across social media, Aniston and Sandler took questions from journalists at the 2011 Just Go With premiere. And once again, the pair left social media users in stitches.

The pair, who are currently promoting their Netflix hit Murder Mystery 2, candidly asked Hamish & Andy's US Entertainment correspondent Brad Blanks why he was kneeling.

The Aussie explained that he was crouching as he tends to block the cameras behind him before standing up to show his 193cm (6'3) height.

"Oh my god, that's awful, that's not right. I can't look," a stunned Sandler responds in his iconic tone before pointing to the ceiling decoration above his head, saying: "Put your hat on and get out of here!"

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One person shared the snippet to TikTok, which soon spread like wildfire and was met with an influx of comments.

"Adam Sandler really just plays himself in every role," one person humoured, before another chimed in: "Making Adam Sandler use his Adam Sandler voice unironically is a massive win."

"Well that man just earned himself an acting role in the next Adam Sandler movie," a third joked.

Meanwhile, another wholesome comment read: "As soon as Adam Sandler started with his voice, my childhood memories came pouring back into my life."

Blanks also shared the clip calling is 'a brutish moment in my life.'

The pair's latest Netflix film Murder Mystery 2 has been described by viewers as an "absolute delight to watch."

The prequel follows the lives of Nick and Audrey Spitz who launch their own private detective firm and find themselves at the centre of an international investigation.

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