Joe Rogan admits that one of craziest conspiracies he's ever pushed was baseless

Joe Rogan admits that one of craziest conspiracies he's ever pushed was baseless
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UFC color commentator and controversial podcaster Joe Rogan admitted that one of his wildest conspiracy theories was, in fact, baseless.

The baseless theory was mentioned on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, last month, where he said that a school put a litter box in the bathroom for a "furry" kid.

On that episode, Rogan was speaking with a former congresswoman for Hawaii, a story about his friend's wife who works at a school that was required to put a "litter box in the girls' room" because a girl identified as a "furry" or "animal."

But on an episode with science writer Michael Shermer, which aired on 26 October, Rogan took back his initial comments about the school, noting that he feels that the school didn't "actually" do it.

"I think there was discussions about doing it because there was one particularly wacky mother, but it doesn't seem that there's any proof that they put a litter box in there," Rogan told Shermer.

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Rogan also admitted that he decided to get into the unfounded claims and believed the claim initially because of his experience a decade ago at a furry convention in Pittsburgh.

According to a report in the New York Times, there have been claims floating around about the litter boxes for students who identify as students since January.

However, a Michigan school superintendent debunked the rumour.

Other school boards across the US have also released statements that denounce the litter box claims, including Dansville Central School in western New York.

In an April report from the Associated Press, the school's superintendent Paul Alioto said it was "absolutely untrue."

He also believes the claim likely began after a puddle was discovered in a school bathroom.

Indy100 reached out to a representative for Rogan via email for comment.

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