Joe Wicks' baby can already do a pull-up at 7 months old – and the internet is divided

Joe Wicks' baby can already do a pull-up at 7 months old – and the internet is divided
Motivation Monday: Stroller fitness class

Joe Wicks' baby has put the nation to shame after being able to perform a pull-up at seven months old. Well, kind of.

The fitness guru, known as The Body Coach, took to Instagram on Monday (10 April) with a string of snaps from his Santa Monica getaway.

The first photo in the series shows little Leni hanging from monkey bars – which led many to believe it was photoshopped. The dad of three was seen smiling proudly as he watched on.

"Wow Leni is strong holding on to the monkey bars, that’s brilliant," one person commented, while a second joked: "Starting them off young."

Meanwhile, others were left unimpressed by the lighthearted photo with one critic writing: "Is that a normal thing to do with baby....nope."

Another added: "I hope that’s photoshopped! Publicity stunt! I’ve always liked you Joe but I really hope this is a stunt."

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Wicks was one of the first fitness influencers to make a name for himself online, when his 'Lean in 15' videos soon evolved into a collection of workout and recipe books.

The 37-year-old blew up during the pandemic for launching PE with Joe Wicks during lockdowns.

In a heartwarming post last month, Wicks shared a photo of an old trailer box he used to use to transport his equipment across the city when he couldn't afford a van.

He led the Twitter thread with a motivational reminder to "work hard and always believe in yourself."

"The moral of the story… never give up," he added.

"Believe in yourself and keep working hard. You can be as successful as you want to be.

"Go and achieve your goals and win."

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