Kanye West wants homeless people to model his new fashion collection

Kanye West tells paparazzi that he wants a cut of his earnings ...

One day, he's telling the paparazzi he deserves a cut of their earnings , another day he's planning a fashion show with homeless people on Skid Row serving as models. Kanye West is truly an enigma.

According to TMZ , Ye is working on a new Yeezy line in collaboration with David Sebastian, founder of Skid Row Fashion Week , where 100% of the proceeds would go toward homeless people on Skid Row.

Sebastian told TMZ, he and Ye are in the early planning stage of a fashion show where they would hire homeless people as models. The two decided to collaborate after meeting earlier this month while Ye was finishing Donda 2 at his studio in Los Angeles.

Skid Row Fashion Week The logo of YZY x SKD and drop date from Skid Row Fashion Week's website

Sebastian's company, Skid Row Fashion Week, donates a portion of its sales to people living on Skid Row. The factory that produces the clothing also employs homeless people.

The rumored collaboration makes sense as Ye has been vocal about his desire to help the homelessness problem in Los Angeles. The rapper donated $1,000 in meals to the LA mission in November and has spoken about turning his multiple homes into churches.

On Skid Row Fashion Week's website, the line has a YZY x SKD logo with 2/2/22 as the drop date.

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