Singer Katharine McPhee hits back at post-baby body shamers with swimsuit photo

Katharine McPhee has responded to criticism from “haters” who slammed her and husband David Foster after he posted a photo of her in a bikini and which displayed McPhee’s post-baby body.

The 72-year-old shared an image on Instagram of McPhee sporting a black two-piece bikini and sunglasses as she sat cross-legged on the grass with the caption: “what baby!”

Some criticised the post and noted the unfair societal pressure of new mums to bounce back by losing their baby weight.

One person wrote: “Yeah, let’s perpetuate the unhealthy narrative that women need to be back to or smaller than their pre-pregnancy size postpartum.”

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“‘Uncomfortable antiquated compliments’ on aisle 1,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Yep let’s make other women feel like crap cuz their baby body doesn’t look like that.”

“Weird thing to post about your wife who had a public bout with bulimia. Ick,” a fourth person commented, referring to the singer’s past struggles, and made headlines when she admitted she was worried about relapsing during her pregnancy.

Foster and McPhee welcomed their first child together back in February this year, a son named Rennie David Foster.

In a post to her 886,000 followers, McPhee can be seen posing in a pink one-piece swimsuit as she smiles at the camera, looking relaxed as she hit back at the “haters” in the caption.

She wrote: “Ok the press around my husbands [sic] photo he posted of me is so dumb… so I hope this photo helps lol.

“I’m sorry but we are not sorry,” she began. “And for all of you who can’t deal with it maybe this helps. I’ve struggled with weight my whole 20s and 30. I’ve gone up and down 10 times over. Does that make you feel better? There is nothing wrong with that - most people do.”

McPhee then added that she has lost her baby weight “without dieting” and described diets as “the worst” before clarifying how she has had “zero pressure from anyone” to lose the weight.

“I’ve let me body do its thing and found a great workout. That’s it. And guess what? I’ll probably gain weight again at some point too. Who cares?”

She had a direct message for those “freaking out” and lambasting her husband as the 37-year-old told them to “seriously get a life... Stop being so offended by what people post who have zero impact on your life and move on.”

“Maybe you should have more of an attitude of like, let’s say… “oh that’s nice he thinks his wife is hot.” I cannot with this overly sensitive society right now,” she added.

One final note, McPhee concluded: “But as Taylor Swift said haters gonna hate byyeeee,” referring to Swift’s lyrics from hit song Shake It Off.

Though, some continued to criticise Foster’s original post and argued that they didn’t have a problem with the photo itself but rather Foster’s caption.

One person wrote: “Then he should have just said “my wife is hot” and not perpetuate women needing to have unchanged bodies postpartum as if you don’t have the privilege millions of other women don’t to “bounce back.” Sorry not sorry for being overly sensitive as you call it.”

“I think it was his caption that was polarizing,” another person wrote. “It insinuated that women whose bodies show evidence of giving birth are not as attractive or worth.”

Someone else wrote: “Nope. His comment was hurtful and harmful to not only you but to women everywhere. I feel sad for our society that appearing as if we never had a baby after such an incredible miracle is the goal.”

However, the “Terrified” singer received a lot of supportive feedback from her friends and fans.

One person wrote: “You look amazing! You are giving us everything! Haters gon’ hate, potatoes gon’ potate!”

“Why is he [Foster] getting hate? He was complimenting you wtf,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “You look amazing and beautiful and happy!”

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