The Rock’s motivational speech during NFL game backfires in real time

The Rock’s motivational speech during NFL game backfires in real time

Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock, often goes viral for his compelling motivational speeches.

But now, the actor and former professional wrestler seemed to have had a blip after his sporting preach backfired in real-time.

The Rock joined the Monday Night Football ManningCast with hosts Peyton and Eli Manning, an alternative commentary on ESPN, for the NFL wildcard matchup between the L.A. Rams and Arizona Cardinals.

As the Cardinals fell behind, The Rock lent his hand with a sporting ‘pick-me-up.’

“You gotta get after it,” the 49-year-old said. “You gotta’ operate as if your back is to the wall.”

“It’s a back to the wall philosophy. When your back is to the wall, every moment – there’s only one place to go and that’s forward,

“Let’s go,” he added before the trio paused briefly to watch what was about to happen next unfold.

The hosts collectively reacted in shock, saying “oh no” and placing their hands above their heads.

“Well... It’s a good time to get this,” The Rock says, picking up a bottle of tequila.

See it for yourself here:

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Inevitably, the clip gained much traction on social media and was soon inundated with responses and memes.

One hilariously joked: “When The Rock tries to lift you up but you hit rock bottom.”

While another said, “The Rock can only do so much.”

“Sometimes you just gotta take that L,” one Twitter user said – and so he did, by taking a big gulp of tequila.

The Los Angeles Rams‘ 34-11 wild-card-round victory over the Arizona Cardinals brought the first season of Peyton and Eli’s Monday Night Football commentary to a close.

The Rock is good at many things, but clearly, sports commentary perhaps isn’t one of them, although he wasn’t bad in WWE.

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