Kay Burley interview with Labour MP over Jeremy Corbyn doesn't go as planned

John McTernan, a former adviser to Tony Blair, has described the 35 MPs who nominated Jeremy Corbyn on to the Labour leadership ballot as "morons".

Why? Because the veteran left-winger, committed to nuclear disarmament, renationalising the railways, ending austerity, and bringing about a united Ireland, is on course to win the one-member, one-vote contest, according to a YouGov poll for the Times.

Many Labour MPs nominated Corbyn despite not intending to later vote for him in order to guarantee a plurality of voices in the leadership election.

Among them was Brent Central MP Dawn Butler, who was quizzed repeatedly by Sky News anchor Kay Burley about this position.

Butler replied:

I'm glad I nominated Jeremy, I think it was our duty as MPs to make sure that we had as many different people on the list as possible so that we could have the widest possible debate in the party.

We say repeatedly because Burley pressed Butler again and again how and why she could nominate Corbyn despite not wanting him to become the leader.

Despite telling Burley that she wanted Andy Burnham to win the leadership election, Burley again asked whether she wanted Corbyn to win, eventually leading to the MP to ask "what's wrong with you?".

Watch the exchange below:

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