GB News journalist rips into Laurence Fox over anti-vaxx views
GB News

Outspoken actor Laurence Fox has sparked controversy over comments made about people’s attitudes on Vladimir Putin, describing them as “devoid of nuance or debate”.

The controversial commentator regularly crusades against “woke” culture and this time has criticised people for supporting Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zeleknsky and for hoping Russia’s leader is unsuccessful.

He compared the hope for Putin to fail in his war against Ukraine as the equivalent of saying “Hands face space” during the deadly pandemic.

While quote tweeting a post from Downing Street condemning Putin, Fox posted his bizarre comparisons, also claiming people view Zelensky as the new Churchill and accused such views of being “so binary and simplistic”.

He wrote: “‘Putin must fail’ is the new ‘Hands face space.’ Shut up and don’t think for yourself.

“Zelensky is the new Churchill! This is the belief you must hold now, or else. It’s all so binary and simplistic, devoid of nuance or debate.”

Fox’s conflation of the two very separate issues has puzzled many. Others have also questioned why anyone would think differently about wanting Putin to be unsuccessful in his bloody war against Ukraine.

Comedian David Baddiel tweeted: “Equating the hope that a murderous dictator's genocidal ambitions will fail with one of the Government's Covid jingles is the opposite of nuanced.

“It's a random yoking together of two things, demonstrative only of the immensely exhausted brand of ‘dude who thinks differently.’”

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Someone else commented: “*sees a maternity hospital being bombed* ‘time for some nuance, methinks’.”

Another person questioned: “Not sure how complex and nuanced you need to make a foreign invasion into a sovereign state and the persistent and ongoing committal of war crimes.

“I mean, how do you, ‘both sides" that?”

Fox is not the only public figure to spout views that could be considered as being apologetic towards Russia's actions. Recently, the moments Nigel Farage has expressed pro-Putin views resurfaced. Former President Donald Trump has also claimed he "got along" with the Russian leader.

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