Madonna sets tongues wagging as she tests Instagram rules with racy bedroom snaps - 11 top reactions

Madonna sets tongues wagging as she tests Instagram rules with racy bedroom snaps - 11 top reactions

Madonna has set tongues wagging — and LOLing — after posting a series of racy pictures to Instagram.

The 63-year-old singer shared spicy snaps where she’s seen writhing around her boudoir with a breast exposed, biting her bed frame and, er, hiding under the bed.

Update: Instagram has since removed the original pictures but Madonna has shared them again but did censor out her nipple with a heart emoji. She added a caption decrying the website’s censorship policies.

The Material Girl singer donned lingerie, fishnets and high-heels for the jaw-dropping photoshoot.

She captioned the post: “Angel watching over Me” along with a heart emoji. The post has received almost a million likes since it was posted last night.

But there’s more to this story than just a few sexy snaps from Madonna.

Actress Kate Beckinsale pranked her daughter by pretending one of the risque pictures was of her. Sharing the picture of Madonna’s rear end with her daughter Lily, she asked if it’s “too much” to post, adding: “The thing is my ass looks good”.

Her stunned daughter replied to say she’s a “little confused”, but agreed it’s “very artsy”.

Revealing the joke, Beckinsale said: “Lol it’s Madonna, like I’d ever. I can’t believe you can’t recognise your own mother’s anus from under the bed.”

Her daughter was bowled over with relief, saying she had “tears of happiness”, adding that she would be “concerned” if her mom posted such pictures.

Beckinsale replied: “As if I’d take and post that you maniac”.

Some clearly agree with Beckinsale’s take on the “maniacal” nature of the pictures.

Piers Morgan shared the bum picture to Twitter with the message “rock bottom”.

Others poked fun at the photoshoot, with presenter Anneka Rice theorising that she must be looking for her phone charger.

Others loved it, and defended her against criticism that cited her age.

Some weren’t so enthused, however:

Instagram’s community guidelines ban nudity, and say that the ban impacts “some photos of female nipples”. Pictures in the context of breastfeeding, birth giving and after-birth, health-related situations, and acts of protest are allowed.

This isn’t the first time the singer has sparked debate and grabbed headlines over racy, and sometimes controversial, images.

The celebrity, who is certainly not camera shy, made headlines last month when she flashed viewers on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

This week she shocked fans by posting a picture where a knife is held to her throat.

She also received backlash for seemingly “recreating” Marilyn Monroe’s “death bed”, and was in hot water earlier this year after being accused of photoshopping her head onto someone else’s body.

Indy100 has contacted Instagram for comment.

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