Kendall Jenner insists she got permission to wear revealing dress to friend’s wedding

Kendall Jenner has reportedly responded to criticism over a dress she wore to a friend’s wedding in November.

The 26-year-old bridesmaid received criticism for the “inappropriate” figure-hugging dress worn to friend Lauren Perez’s wedding, but it’s now been revealed that she asked the bride’s permission before wearing the dress.

During the celebration, Jenner shared snaps of her black Mônot dress with large slits across the chest on her Instagram story, posing alongside friends Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber.

According to Page Six, the bridesmaids initially wore blue silk dresses for the nuptials and changed up their outfits for the reception.

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Last week the bride shared pictures from her wedding, captioning the post: “The greatest night of 2021! Happy New Year everyone!!!”

Although the comments now appear to be turned off, E! News reports that Jenner’s choice of outfit was criticised by some.

One commenter branded her outfit “inappropriate” and said that they’re embarrassed for her. However another commenter hit back: “If the bride herself doesn’t gaf [give a f***] why do you care? Relax”.

The bride and bridesmaid themselves also waded into the conversation.

Perez wrote that Jenner looked “stunning” and added: “I loved it!”.

Responding, Jenner then revealed that she asked the bride for permission before wearing the dress.

Jenner wrote: “Obvi asked for your approval in advance too” and added: “We love a beach wedding”.

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